How to Choose Pellets for Your Air Guns

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There are so many kinds of pellets for air guns that it may be very hard for a novice to pick the most appropriate pellets for his or her needs. This article discusses three situations where different kinds of pellets are needed. Use this information to help you when you are choosing pellets for your air gun.

Target Shooting

You may have bought that used gun so that you can participate in target shooting during a competition. In that case, your primary concern should be how accurate the pellet can allow you to be. You may also be interested in a pellet that makes a clean shot so that it is easy to compare your accuracy to that of other shooters. Buy wad-cutter pellets. They are made with a pinched waist and have a flat head. They also travel at relatively low velocities. These pellets may also be very good if you wish to shoot small pests (such as rabbits) in your yard at home. The limitation of these pellets is that they are only effectively for short range shooting (such as during shooting competitions). This is because they lose velocity quickly as they travel through the air.

Shooting for Fun

In case you are not interested in precision shooting, your choice of pellets is much wider. For instance, the wad-cutter pellets may be a good choice if you will be shooting soda cans that are within a short distance from you. However, you may need pellets that are more accurate if the range will be longer. An example would be a diabolo pellet that has a round nose. Such a pellet can travel much further without losing its velocity.


Hunting requires an air gun that delivers pellets at a high velocity. You also need a pellet that will be heavy enough to bring down the animal that you have shot. However, when a pellet travels at a very high velocity, it may break the sound barrier and create a sonic wave that may affect its accuracy. It is therefore advisable to buy a heavy pellet that will deliver a combination of accuracy and moderate velocity when it is fired from your air gun. Check the information pack that comes with the different pellets so that you choose the ones that will deliver the best results for the air gun you have.

Talk to the supplier of used guns, such as Miall's Gun Shop Briley Australia, so that he or she can help you to choose the most appropriate pellets for the specific air gun that you bought.


17 December 2015

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