4 Safety Accessories That Make Your Caravan Harder to Steal

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Aside from your car, your caravan is a possession that is very attractive for thieves to take, as it is worth quite a lot of money and generally has a high second-hand value. To make sure your investment is protected, there are some caravan accessories that you can use to prominently reduce the risk of its being stolen. Different devices are used for different purposes, but they are all designed to make it harder for thieves to steal your caravan. If you are thinking of investing in safety equipment for your caravan, there are a few things you should know about different kinds to make the right choice for you and your caravan.

Wheel clamp

A wheel clamp is one of the most basic caravan accessories that can prevent theft. This part might be rather bulky, but is very effective in increasing the safety of your caravan. If you store it in your caravan or in the back of your car, you can attach it to a wheel every time you stop to camp in your caravan. A larger model might feel like it is too bulky, but the larger the model, the heavier the clamp; this will make the clamp far harder to break for a burglar.

Wheel lock

 If you feel that a wheel clamp is too large to bring with you every time you want to park your caravan, there is always the option of getting a wheel lock instead. These are not much larger than a hubcap and are easy to bring with you. It is, however, a bit harder to mount than a wheel clamp, as many models demand that you screw them on in addition to locking them.

Hitch lock

Another small piece of equipment you can use to increase the safety of your caravan is a hitch lock. This is a device you put over the coupling head to avoid anyone coupling your caravan to their car and driving away with it. These pieces of equipment are rather common and can easily be purchased in caravan accessory stores online, but they are easier to manipulate than, for example, a wheel clamp. It is, however, an easy way to give your caravan basic safety equipment that might deter thieves just by being there.

Safety pole

A quite expensive accessory you could invest in to protect your caravan when you're storing it during off season is a safety pole. This is a pole you install in front of your driveway that can elevate and then hinder people in getting cars and caravans out of your driveway. It can be lowered into the ground when you need to access your driveway. 


29 December 2015

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