Caravan Trailer: Tips on Attaining Maximum Benefits


The caravan trailer is an ideal investment for you and your family if you enjoy taking long-distance trips around the country or camping over the weekends. This unpowered vehicle can be towed behind different types of trucks, depending on the size. It will provide space for sleeping and storing goods on the road, and it is more resilient and safe compared to a regular tent. In addition, you can save significant amounts of money by using a caravan trailer instead of sleeping in motels. If you are thinking about acquiring or have recently purchased a caravan trailer, consider using these tips to obtain maximum benefits.

Think About Setup

The caravan trailer is relatively easy to setup compared to installing a traditional tent. However, this does not mean that you will become an overnight pro. It is important to practise the setup process at home before starting on your journey. Generally, the most common problem experienced when setting up the trailer is probably keeping the trailer level on uneven ground.

You should consider purchasing wheel chocks to keep the wheels stationary, and practise using them as intended. If you have limited finances, you can utilise resilient wooden boards for the same purpose. Finally, you will need to support the hitch when camping with a trailer jack. An automatic trailer jack is favourable over the traditional alternative because you will not need to manually crank up the supporting pole.

Packing the Trailer

Caravan trailers are spacious, so it easy to load your items indiscriminately when going out on your trip. You should evaluate the weight ratings presented by both the trailer and your truck manufacturer. It is prudent to keep the weight and volume of items in the trailer significantly lower than the maximum recommended weight. This will allow you to add items along the journey without worrying about exceeding the legal limit. Additionally, a lighter trailer will mean lower fuel consumption and better handling properties on the road. You should also consider distributing the weight of your goods evenly, and placing the heavier items over the axle. This will improve the balance of your trailer.

Purchase a Tarp

It is advisable to acquire a tarp to cover your caravan when you are packed. This will protect your caravan from the adverse effects of bird droppings and excess water. In addition, the tarp will limit the infiltration of heat into your space. If you purchase a canvas tarp, you should ensure that it is dry before folding to prevent the establishment of mould and mildew.


29 December 2015

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