Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Tennis Court Construction

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Having a new tennis court constructed on your property is not as difficult as you might assume, as you may have more choices and options for the surface material than you know. However, there are also some challenges to having a new tennis court constructed on any property, which is why it's good to ensure you know all the details about such construction up front. Note a few questions to ask any potential contractor.

1. How much space is needed?

Unlike a golf course, tennis courts are all the same size and design. This can be good as you know exactly how much room to take up but can also be a challenge for smaller properties. While a regulation tennis court measures 60' x 120', you need to remember the room you want around the court for a fence, a viewing area, and the like. You also want to ensure the court is not constructed so close to a building that a stray ball might break a window. Discuss your options with a contractor if your property is somewhat cramped so you know if a court will even fit.

2. Does the ground need to be perfectly graded for a new court?

A tennis court needs to be level and even for proper playing, but this doesn't mean that if your property has a slight slope or grade that you cannot have a court installed. A contractor may have options for adding gravel or another material to one end of the intended space to make it more level and even, or the contractor may be able to grade the area properly for the court. Whatever your concerns about the grade of your property, ask your contractor your options and if it would add significantly to the cost to have the ground graded before the court is installed.

3. What if a concrete mixer cannot reach the intended area for the court?

Concrete is not your only option for a tennis court surface. Clay and grass might be a better option for areas where a concrete mixer cannot reach, or you might opt for a synthetic surface. This involves a type of carpeting that is rolled out over the court area and which feels like natural grass or clay. These are easier to install than concrete and can allow you to have a court in any area, even if a cement mixer cannot reach.


30 December 2015

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