Finding cricket gear for women


With more and more women playing cricket at a club or professional level, it's becoming more relevant to find women's cricket gear that fits correctly. Here are some of the items you should be looking for if you are serious about kitting out a team with gear. 

A helmet

Having a poorly fitting helmet can make your helmet less effective at absorbing blows. Equally worryingly, if a helmet if too loose it can affect vision and comfort, and many players end up taking off a helmet if it's not comfortable. Women's cricket helmets fit the narrower jaw that most women have compared to male players and provide a comfortable and safe option to protect against head damage. It's a good idea to offer these helmets as well as larger sized helmets to find best fits. 


Again women often have smaller hands than men and need smaller gloves. While some women can comfortable wear 'youth' or men's gloves, women's gloves are often designed with additional wrist protection, as women are often more physically vulnerable to wrist injuries. Well-fitting gloves make it easier to catch and grip balls and the bat, helping the female players play to a higher standard of cricket while protecting them from injuries. 

Personal protection

While most male cricketers wouldn't contemplating going on the field without a protective groin cup, women are also vulnerable to painful impacts in the upper thigh and crotch. Specialised guards and padding can help ensure that any blows are cushioned. These are generally sized according to the size of the player, and well-fitting protection makes it easier to move around the field in a fast and agile way. 


While many women can play with men's bats, specially designed women's bats are slightly shorter and lighter with a smaller handle. This means they can be used by women of a smaller stature and can provide a more precise batting experience for smaller women. Taller women may be just as happy playing with men's bat, but trying both styles is a good idea to see which provide the best experience for the individual player. 

If you are fitting out a cricket team, it can be a good idea to bring the players into a specialised cricket shop like Hawthorn Cricket Centre where they can try women's and youth sizes in cricket gear and determine which is the most comfortable model for them. Simply ordering smaller gear may not be useful, as specialist gear may be safer and more fitted, allowing more comfortable play. 


21 April 2016

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