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Australia has long been one of the world's greatest destinations for all manner of sporting excursions. From whitewater rafting and hiking to snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef and deep-sea fishing, it offers unrivaled beauty and access to some of the most stunning scenery on the planet. With heavy investments in the tourist industry by the Australian Government as part of Tourism 2020, Australia will continue to grow as a unique and exciting holiday destination, but also as the perfect location for those wishing to relocate to a country that enjoys such a high standard of living. 

Great Trips on the Ocean

Regardless of age, for those with a love of the sea, fishing is a pastime that continues to thrill. Whether it's a family holiday, a boy's trip out on the ocean or part of a retirement plan, Australian fishing is an incredible way to experience the beautiful landscape and diverse wildlife it has to offer. Whilst appropriate licenses for fishing is serious business in Australia in order to preserve local wildlife, many companies offer fishing packages that can be tailored to meet individual needs, whilst regional licensing information can be gathered from local Government websites available freely on the net. 

Bar Crushers: Unrivaled Quality

With so many online videos of deep-sea activities, such as great white shark cage diving, it comes as no surprise that blue-water fishing (otherwise known as big-game fishing) is such a popular option for anglers all over the globe. Any avid fisherman will understand the need for quality equipment when undertaking such a task, which is why Australia's own Bar Crusher range of plate alloy and aluminum boats (winner of Australia's Greatest Boats 2016) are a popular choice when it comes to getting out onto the open ocean and landing that famous photo-worthy catch. Bar Crushers are industry leaders in boating technology and offer everything needed to make a fishing trip a true experience. With a wide variety of different models, overnight excursions in any weather can be easily accommodated to ensure the perfect trip.

Something for Everyone

If fishing isn't an interest for everyone, then Bar Crusher's still offer a great way to explore hidden coastlines and excite young thrill seekers with its powerful engine and sleek design. Combine that with a picnic in the sun, complete with cold drinks on a hot day, and you've got the perfect afternoon for everyone. Australia truly is a stunning place and should be the first port of call for anyone wishing to reconnect with nature and rediscover themselves. 


13 June 2016

Heading to the gym

I'm a stay-at-home mum and it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the stuff I need to do around the house. That's why I like to head to the gym each day. It's a good time to catch up the with the other school mums as well as relieving some stress. We have a great time and we get fitter. Having more energy means I'll be around for longer for my kids and be able to enjoy my life as a mum. If you are also a mum who wants to become fitter and incorporate more exercise into her day then keep reading.