4 Useful Tips for New Pit Bike Riders

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Whether you are first learning to ride a pit bike, you will need to show determination in order to become a good pit bike rider. Pit and quad bikes can be very frustrating for a first time rider. New riders will often crash and move slower than their more experienced counterparts. It takes a lot of practice and a genuine interest in the sport to be able to master the skill well. However, there are some small tips which can help you, as a new rider, have a better experience in learning how to ride bikes.

1. Buy the Correct Bike Many people overlook the fact that you need a proper bike to be able to ride properly. Don't just go and shop for a bike without considering a number of factors. You need to consider the price, size and height, among other things. This will help you, as a new rider, not to get a bike that is too powerful or too big for you to use. Having a bike that you can easily control will help boost your confidence as a new rider, which will generally aid in the learning process.   

2. Always Put on Full Gear Before Riding Riding a quad or a pit bike for the first time and falling over a couple of times is a normal phenomenon for every bike rider. It is part of the experience, and you only get better with time. Therefore, it is essential to put on full gear before attempting to ride to cushion these injuries. Most of the fatal accidents you hear about usually involve riders who didn't have their full attire on.

3. Have a Good Riding Position This is another aspect of riding that people often overlook. As a new rider, you need not to overlook this aspect as it can be very helpful in your progress as a rider. Also, once you get used to riding in a bad position, it can be very difficult to overcome it.

4. Carry Some First Aid Kit It is always important to carry some first aid kit such as aspirin or bandages because you never know when they're going to come in handy. Pit bikes and quads are usually driven in rough terrain, and therefore, a nasty fall or getting blisters is sort of a normal occurrence for new riders. The first aid kit will help in dulling the pain in case of a nasty fall.    


24 February 2017

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