Tips On Preventing 'Diesel Bug' From Infecting Your Boat's Fuel Tanks

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One major problem for boat owners when bringing their vessels back into service after a winter lay-off is problems with the engine running 'rough' or refusing to fire altogether.  Problems like these are often due to 'diesel bug' in the boat's fuel tank.  So, what is diesel bug, and how can you stop it infecting your boat's fuel tanks?  Read on for some helpful tips. How 'diesel bug' gets into fuel tanks

19 December 2016

The Balancing Act: Choosing The Right Surfboard For A Novice Surfer

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When it comes down to it, surfing essentially consists of trying to balance on a slippery plastic board while the sea desperately tries to throw you off; for novice surfers, this is exactly as difficult as sounds. As such, most novice surfers like to pick out a forgiving surfboard designed for beginners, but with the vast array of surfboard types and configurations on offer it can be hard to tell which board is actually best for the novice surfer.

11 October 2016

Out on the Ocean

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Australia has long been one of the world's greatest destinations for all manner of sporting excursions. From whitewater rafting and hiking to snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef and deep-sea fishing, it offers unrivaled beauty and access to some of the most stunning scenery on the planet. With heavy investments in the tourist industry by the Australian Government as part of Tourism 2020, Australia will continue to grow as a unique and exciting holiday destination, but also as the perfect location for those wishing to relocate to a country that enjoys such a high standard of living.

13 June 2016

Questions to Ask When Considering a Scuba Diving Course


Taking a scuba diving course can mean being free to explore the deep waters on your next holiday or vacation, as you often need a scuba diving certificate to do anything more than snorkel and swim on the water's surface. While you can often take a scuba diving course at a resort, it can be good to book one ahead of time so you know what's involved and ensure you get your certificate without any delays.

22 April 2016

Finding cricket gear for women


With more and more women playing cricket at a club or professional level, it's becoming more relevant to find women's cricket gear that fits correctly. Here are some of the items you should be looking for if you are serious about kitting out a team with gear.  A helmet Having a poorly fitting helmet can make your helmet less effective at absorbing blows. Equally worryingly, if a helmet if too loose it can affect vision and comfort, and many players end up taking off a helmet if it's not comfortable.

21 April 2016